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Hot Stone Kit- 60 piece in box

Excellent quality hot stone set made from basalt rock and hand polished. Includes a variety of sizes and shapes for the ultimate hot stone treatment.

Hot Stones offer a contemporary and effective massage technique which has been in use for many years. The smooth warm stones allow the therapist to effectively massage the body, allowing the gentle heat to penetrate the skin allowing the patient to relax quickly and effectively.

Our Hot Stone Set features a variety of Basalt stones. These are the recommended stones for hot stone massage, the basalt retains heat better than any other type of stone and they have a workable smooth texture.

Basalt stone formed millions of years ago during volcanic eruptions, the stone contains magnetic or titanic iron which retains heat, the stones appear grey or greenish when dry and turn black when wet. Our polished stones are carved from the plate to give a symmetrical, smooth and uniform shape unlike basalt pebbles.

Days are spent caring and polishing each stone, ensuring the high quality polished finish and deep natural colouring. To maintain the care and natural elements of the stones, all the stones are packed in a natural handmade bamboo box.

Featuring the essentials to provide a relaxing and reviving Hot Stone treatment.

60 Piece Set Includes the following stones:
3 x Extra large flat ovular
6 x large flat ovular
10 x medium flat ovular
6 x small flat ovular
8 x small round
8 x toe stone
6 x small circular facial
4 x small ovular white marble
2 x miniature pressure/deep tissue
7 x chakra gems (green jade, smoky-quartz, clear-quartz, brown t eye, purple amethyst, pink-quartz & red carnelian)