Aromatherapy : A Practical Approach by Vicki Pitman

  • ISBN: 9781905367993
  • Published:30 Sep 2019
  • Format:
    • Paperback / softback
    •  344 pages, 250 colour and black and white photos and drawings
This comprehensive guide to aromatherapy provides thorough coverage for students and is also an excellent reference for practitioners. It includes all the information required by students training on aromatherapy courses accredited to Levels 3 or 4. This book:* contains revised and in-depth detail on the characteristics, chemistry, sourcing and safe application of essential oils* covers the effects of odours on mind, body and emotions * provides tutors with an ideal support text for any advanced-level aromatherapy course* provides a clear focus on clinical and professional aromatherapy, making it suitable for all quality accredited aromatherapy courses* contains colour photography for each of the essential oils* includes case histories providing true-life examples* discusses the adjunctive role of aromatherapy in community settings such as hospices, education, special needs and hospitals.