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Rose Petals (Dried)

Product: Red Rose Petals 
Latin Name:
 Rose Centifolian
Plant Family:

Other Names: Begal Rose, China Rose, Chinese Tea Rose, Edward Rose, Fairy Rose, Monthly Rose, Yue Ji Hua, Chini Gulaab, Kat Gulaab, Rosier de Chine and Rose di Cina.

Description: Plucked from a romantic rose, these reddish pink dried petals have a fantastic floral aroma and stunning colour.

Red Rose Petals can be put to many different uses, but our favourite has got to be using them as an eco-friendly confetti for weddings; associated with love and luck, you’d be showering newlyweds with more than just petals! Mix into homemade potpourri, sleep pillows, scented sachets, and DIY bath bombs. Sprinkle into your bathtub or crush and blend into Middle Eastern spice blends (just be sure to cook the blend thoroughly before consumption).

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