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Vanilla Oil (Boosted extract in glycol)

This Vanilla is a boosted extract which is based on an extract and includes nature identical additives. It is suitable for use as a food flavouring but please note that it is based on glycol so is not oil soluble.

Other options include..............- please call or email for pricing.
Vanilla Extracts Natural - various strengths - these are available as gycolic or glycerolic extracts of natural beans (food or cosmetic use - NOT oil soluble) -
Vanilla Absolute - glycerol extraction - natural from vanilla beans only - high strength (food or cosmetic use - NOT oil soluble)
Vanilla Extract Oil soluble - extraction of organic vanilla beans in organic sunflower oil with controlled vanillin content (food or cosmetic use - OIL soluble)

Vanilla Extracts alcoholic - made to order - various strengths. MOQ 25kgs.
Vanilla Extract CO2 - to order with MOQ 1kg - various strengths based on vanillin content from 7% to 95%+ - high strength materials.