Marigold Flowers (Calendula) - dried

Product: Marigold Flowers (Calendula)
Latin Name:
 Calendula officinalis syn. Calendula aurantiaca, Calendula eriocarpa, Calendula hydruntina, Caltha officinalis.
Plant Family:

Other Names: Calendula, Pot Marigold, Mary Gooles, Merrybud, Marygold, Genda, Souci des Champs, Ringelblume, Fior d’Ogni, Kinsenka and Claveton.

Description: Say hello to yellow with dried Marigold Flowers! These stunning whole flowers have a strong scent and a mildly citrusy to subtly spicy flavour.

Often used as a source for essential oils in the perfume industry or as a flavouring agent in the food industry there’s not much Marigolds can’t do… Mix into floral potpourri blends, add to homemade bath bombs, soaps, and candles, or use to obtain a yellow dye for fabric. Infuse 1 teaspoon in boiling water for 5 – 15 minutes, strain and serve as a healthy herbal tea!

Certificates of Analysis

Batch S0259

Batch Q1209