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Argan Oil (Virgin, Organic)

Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Argan Oil.

An oil that goes the extra mile! Bomar presents Argan Oil, Cold Pressed Organic. We support various women's cooperatives in Morocco to bring you a high grade Argan oil. Interestingly the Argan nut is harvested both using the Argan tree itself and the local goats. The goats like to climb the Argan tree to consume the fruit. Luckily the nuts remain and are collected by local women cooperatives, the kernels are then split (to get to the nuts) and then the nuts gently cold pressed to deliver a highly functional, vitamin E rich ingredient that has widely become a cosmetic super power ingredient in the past 5 years. We wouldn't list an application for this ingredient as there are no limits, hair, skin, feet, baby bottoms, we could go on. Incredibly versatile. It is worth noting the Cold Pressed version is stinky, our most popular grade is the lightly deodorised grade, you keep the benefits of the oil but remove the smell.

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