Broccoli Seed Oil ORGANIC (Cold Pressed)

Brassica Oleracea Italica Seed Oil
Country of Origin:Germany

Certified organic Cold Pressed Broccoli Seed Oil.

This fatty acid profile gem of an oil is making waves in the cosmetic world. It is a non greasy oil that absorbs beautifully into the skin delivering all the necessary and much needed Omegas. Due its non greasy feel, this oil has made its way into many high end shampoo brands to strengthen hair roots and deliver appropriate shine. Its high content of Euric acid (Omega 9) is perfect to deliver the necessary benefits to your hair. Its earthy, fresh aroma is lovely on the skin but if you want to shade it with an essential oil it works just as well. As for marketing benefits, it's Broccoli, get you greens...!

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Batch R0719

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