Candle Wicks - STANDARD - (size 10)

Natural fibres wick, 10cm in length with sustainer attached.

The size of wick required when candle making varies according to the type of wax used, type and amount of any fragrance (pure essential oils can make a big difference) and the size and type of container, so we can only offer a rough guide and would suggest experimenting with your particular recipe and methodology and ensuring the conditions are the same every time you are making your candles. 

This standard wick should work well in the 250ml tins and 27cl and 30cl jars but may well work perfectly in 20cl and 120ml and 180ml containers and smaller tins depending on your particular methodology. 

If you find you are experiencing "tunnelling" there can be various reasons so our smaller wick (size 6) might be a better option but there can be other reasons tunnelling occurs such as...

  1. Wrong size wick being used - compare both of our wick types under the same conditions
  2. The candle hasn’t been left to ‘set up’ for 48 hours after pouring before its lit (generally the main reason for tunnelling)
  3. The candle hasn’t been left to burn for long enough.  (generally the second most common reason for tunnelling) The candle needs to burn for enough time for the molten wax to reach out to the width of the container.  If it’s only burnt for a short time, only the middle has had a chance to melt.  If this happens the candle can’t correct itself next time its lit and will continue to tunnel.  For the smaller containers we would suggest a minimum burn time of 4 hours and for the larger containers a minimum of 6 hours burn time, when using a natural wax.
  4. Something has been added to the wax that shouldn’t be and is pooling around the wick stopping it from performing correctly.
  5. Too much or wrong type of fragrance has been added to the wax.