Coconut Oil Refined (kg)

Cocos Nucifera Oil

Bomar presents Coconut Oil, Refined. We offer a wide selection of Coconut oils, we are certain one of our grades will suit your needs. Coconut Oil is a common ingredient in many cosmetic applications due to its stability & its ability to soften the skin when applied to the body. Its natural form is a butter-like ingredient which delivers both silky smooth results when applied to both the skin & hair. With regards to Coconut Oil, Refined, this is the most popular of all our Coconut oils due to its functionality & its simplicity to formulate with. It is also the most affordable of them all! If you want Coconut in your formulation to act as straightforward base/carrier or massage oil, this is the grade for you.

Pure Coconut Oil in 1kg tubs or 12.5 kg blocks and in the summer months comes in 25kg metal pails. 

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