Coconut oil Fractionated) MCT ORGANIC (Food Grade)

caprylic/ capric triglyceride

This is Certified Organic Material Coconut derived material.

MCT = medium chain triglycerides, this is part of the make-up of Coconut oil & is separated from the Coconut oil through a fractionation process. This delivers you a liquid form oil (as opposed to Refined Coconut oil which is a butter form at room temperature).

Personal care & food manufacturers enjoy using this product due to its liquid form, because it makes it easier to handle & there is no need for melting unlike when you use Refined Coconut Oil. Just like Refined Coconut Oil, Fractionated (Food Grade) (a.k.a: MCT) Coconut is a super emollient & fantastic carrier/base oil to carry your formulation, due to the fractionation process, it is a very stable oil so can take rigorous processing in formulations.

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Certificate of Analysis 

Batch R0251