Coffee (Green) Cold Pressed (Coffee Arabica) Oil

Coffee Arabica Seed is a fixed oil obtained from the coffee seed.

Harvested from the green coffee beans then cold pressed to deliver this deep rich green oil. Wild harvested in Brazil our coffee oil is becoming increasingly popular in cosmetic formulations for its stimulant ability. Caffeine in formulations, especially on the hair is known to build cell barriers & strengthen cell formation giving you stronger & shinier hair. Its high level of chromogenic acid is a super antioxidant, including plenty of phytosterols & a wealthy fatty acid profile both of which boost moisture retention & rapid skin penetration. The oil is widely used to aid damaged, wrinkled skin as it helps balance the moisture levels of the skin, so it is best applied directly to the skin or hair, however alternatively it is just as effective in the right formulation.

Cold Pressed Green Roasted Coffee Oil.

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