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Hazelnut Oil (Refined)


We are nuts for Hazelnut! Bomar presents Hazelnut Oil, Refined. The wild harvested hazelnuts allow us to produce a super emollient oil. Often used as an exotic replacement oil to that of Almond oil (if you are looking for a different nut oil), it follows the same expeller pressing & refining process. Like most nut oils, it is a very good penetrator of the skin & absorbs easily whilst carrying whatever other oils you wish it to, i.e. it blends incredibly well. We harp on about oils reducing oily skin, this is a classic for doing just that, leaving the skin feeling firm & non greasy. It also serves as a good base for sun protection products as hazelnuts are known to act as a good sun-filter. But most importantly we like to suggest using it in any hair care products, remember nut oils are good for keeping your hair looking glossy & strong.

Pure hazelnut oil is available in a range of sizes.

INCI: Corylus Avellana Seed oil

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