Lavender Flower POWDER

Product: Lavender Powder
Latin Name:
 Lavandula angustifolia syn. Lavandula officinale.
Plant Family:

Other Names: Alhucema, English Lavender, Garden Lavender, Lavanda, Lavande, Lavande Anglaise, Lavande Commune, Lavande du Jardin, Ostokhoddous & True Lavender.

Description: Thanks to our lovely Lander Powder it’s never been easier to incorporate the mint, citrus, and rosemary-like flavours that lavender has to offer to your recipes! (This powder even includes lavender’s famously fragrant floral scent with woody, herbal undertones).

Use to flavour cakes, biscuits, and desserts, add to lotions, creams, and shampoos, or use to make your own scrubs, soaps, face masks, foot powders and bath salts

Certificates of analysis

Batch Q1211