Melt & Pour Soap - WHITE base

White base Melt and Pour soap base is one of our most popular white bases for creating vibrantly coloured soap bars. 

Simply melt this new vegetable soap base in a microwave or other hot source. Add colour, special ingredients and soap fragrances. Stir and pour into moulds. Any waste can be saved and re-melted and used in future batches.

Product Characteristics

  • Produces opaque soap bars
  • Highly moisturising
  • Vegan and cruelty free compliant 
Technical Documents

Safety Data Sheet


Product Statement 

Processing Statement

Certificate of Analysis 

Batch S0261

Batch R0738

Batch R0502

Batch Q0968

Batch P0792

Batch P1210

Batch Q0103

Batch N0134

Batch R0376

Batch R0402