Myoskeletal & Sports Therapy Book 2 for Upper Body by Aubrey Gowing

This book will help guide you through the assessment process, to determine which tests are most relevant to the client's presenting condition and to then accurately interpret the findings of assessment. The logical steps to progress through comprehensive treatment protocols are clearly described and illustrated including some of the most beautifully detailed, accurately mapped images of the relevant anatomy.

This text also provides guidelines for assessing treatment outcomes and home retraining exercises. The rationale for choosing stretching or strength training for muscles in each area is provided at the end of the treatment chapters. This comprehensive approach will help achieve the most beneficial outcomes for clients while providing confidence to the practitioner.

‘Aubrey has found a way to educate both the novice and the experienced bodyworker. With a user-friendly road map, he teaches therapists how to first evaluate a client’s strengths and weaknesses, then apply Myoskeletal techniques to make lasting changes. In these pages, Aubrey's own deep experience, dedication and passion all shine — to the direct benefit of the reader.’

- Erik Dalton PhD. Freedom from Pain Institute.

The content of this book is also mapped to the recommended learning outcomes for advanced training at level 6 on the Irish and EU framework of qualifications and at level 5 in the UK.