NatureWax 660- Rapeseed & Coconut Wax - (Wax Melts) (now in pellets)

Was previously in Blocks and is NOW in PELLET FORM for easier measuring..

Product Description

A proprietary blend of hydrogenated vegetable glycerides (vegetable waxes) based exclusively on rapeseed and coconut oil. NatureWax® 660-55M vegetable wax contains neither ingredients with an animal or mineral/ petroleum origin, nor ingredients originating from genetically modified (GM) plant sources.


  • Wax Melts
  • Tea Lights
  • Small Containers


  • High-thermal stability: tolerant of repeated heating cycles without discoloration or malodor
  • Neutral and very stable base odor which supports delicate fragrances
  • White/light base ideal for addition of colors, giving strong/vibrant results
  • Smooth finish and good tolerance to crystallisation bloom
  • Excellent hot and cold fragrance throw
  • Easy demolding of even complex forms, with a smooth and shiny surface finish

Typical Properties

CHEMICAL & PHYSICAL ANALYSIS1            TYPICAL              UoM             METHOD

Slip Melting point                                        50 (122)               °C (°F)           NEN 6313

Needle Penetration @ 25°C (77°F)               30                        d-mm           ASTM D1321 Colour Red                                                   0.5                    Lovibond 5 ¼ “ ISO 15305 Colour Yellow                                                5                      Lovibond 5 ¼ “ ISO 15305

Additional Information

  • Additive-free
  • Made with rapeseed of EU origin
  • Kosher/Halal
Packaging, Storage, and Handling
 For ease of use, store at 15-25°C (59-77°F). Protect from extreme heat and cold; prolonged storage at temperatures over 32°C (90°F). and under 5°C (41°F) should be avoided.
Use Instructions
The wax may be melted at about 70°C (158°F) to incorporate colors and fragrances. Higher temperatures are permissible but heating the wax above 90°C (194°F) for prolonged periods is not recommended.
The ideal pouring temperature will depend on the mold size, the ambient temperature and other ingredients used; some small-scale experimentation is highly recommended before pouring larger quantities. The wax is tolerant to different pour temperatures, and a recommended starting range is 50-60°C (122-140°F).
The melt or candle should be allowed to cool and cure for at least 12 hours before use, preferably in a temperature-controlled environment.
Shelf Life
24 months from date of pack, for unopened boxes stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. Re-testing towards the end of the anticipated shelf-life may permit it to be extended. Please request assistance if this is required.
Environmental and Safety NatureWax® 660-55M vegetable wax is a non-hazardous* material. For more information on its environmental and regulatory status, please request our Safety Data Sheet.

Technical Documents

Product Data Sheet

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