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Orange Water ORGANIC

This is a "Hydrosol", so the essential oil is dispersed into the water. This is NOT a Hydrolat (that is a by-product of the steam distillation process).

That said, this Hydrosol is a wonderful and cheap solution to fragrancing. Delicate and light, you obtain the aroma of the esential oil, however far more delicately than that of an essential oil. This is a perfect solution to fragrancing delicate formulations, such as baby care & anti-ageing formulations.

INCI Name                                CAS Number              % Inclusion

Aqua                                            7732-18-5                   >75 to <100

Sodium Benzoate                     532-32-1                        >0.1 ro <1.0

Potassium Sorbate                   24634-61-5/ 590-        00- 1 >0.1 to <1.0

Organic Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Oil 8028-48-6     <0.1

Citric Acid                                       77-92-9                        <0.1