ORGANIC Coconut Oil Refined

This is certified Organic refined and deodorised Coconut Oil.

Bomar presents Coconut Oil, Refined Organic. We offer a wide selection of Coconut oils, we are certain one of our grades will suit your needs. Coconut Oil is a common ingredient in many cosmetic applications due to its stability & its ability to soften the skin when applied to the body. Its natural form is a butter-like ingredient which delivers both silky smooth results when applied to both the skin & hair. With regards to Coconut Oil, Refined Organic, we have taken crude coconut & deodorised the material to remove the aroma of the oil, this is for those that want the Coconut functionality benefits without the aroma affecting the formulation.

(We also have a certified Organic Fragrant Virgin coconut oil available which has the distinctive coconut fragrance.)

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Batch S0318

Batch S0113

Batch R0691

Batch R0612

Batch R0519

Batch R0216 

Batch Q1121

Batch Q1107

Batch Q1026

Batch Q0967

Batch Q0965

Batch Q0905

Batch Q0811

Batch Q0775

Batch Q0612

Batch R0669