Perfumers Alcohol

This is a special formulation which can be used by both professionals and amateurs who wish to make perfumes. It allows the simple addition and blending of essential oils and fragrances to produce crystal clear solutions. Perfumers alcohol is also used in the production of DIFFUSER OILS. For details on how to make your own diffuser oils see below. The blended solutions remain clear and free from cloudiness. The 3 main ingredients of perfumers alcohol are:
  1. Ethanol (denatured) -Alcohol which is the main carrier for the fragrance oils. This evaporates quickly as it is warmed by skin temperature releasing the fragrances evenly over the surface.
  2. Isopropyl myristate - used in preparations where good absorption is desired.
  3. Monopropylene glycol - a cosolvent which allows the fragrance oils to be solubilised in the alcohol carrier. This helps to control the evaporation of the alcohol so that it does not flash off too quickly.
Guidelines for the making of perfumes etc: The difference between different perfumes and colognes is simply the level of oils contained in each product. As a general rule the concentrations are given as: perfume (20-30%); eau de perfume (10-15%); eau de toilette (4-8%); cologne (3-5%); cologne splash (1-3%), room sprays (1-5%). As Perfumers Alcohol contains Isopropyl Myristate which does not mix with water we do not recommend that water is added to blends. For products where it is desirable to add water then one shouldod use our Formulators Alcohol in place of the Perfumers Alcohol.
  1. Prepare scent by thoroughly blending selected essential oils
  2. Add combined oils to perfumer's alcohol
  3. Stir solution slowly and thoroughly until solution has cleared
  4. Allow the solution to rest for at least 48 hours
How to make your own DIFFUSER OIL:
  • 30% Fragrance oil
  • 60-65% DPG
  • 5-10% Perfumers alcohol
To make diffuser oil blend the fragrance oil with the DPG until clear. Add Perfumers alcohol to reduce viscosity to desired thickness.