Professional Hairdressing- Official Guide to Level 3

ISBN: 9781408073384 Revised 7th edition
This new edition of Professional Hairdressing retains its status of the only level 3 guide to be fully endorsed by Habia and is the only official guide to Hairdressing at Level 3. This new and aspiring textbook is aligned with the latest National Occupational Standards and as the content is not mapped to a specific awarding body, it can be utilised for all Level 3 hairdressing courses. Written by leading industry Authors, Professional Hairdressing maps out level 3 standards with clarity and focus, complete with new text design and professionally photographed step-by-step guidance. Its new approach puts emphasis a more practical skill base and includes additional focus on developing students' aptitude for business. An extensive range of activities, projects and practice multiple choice questions are together at the back of the book for independent training and study. This new edition is also available with CourseMate online teaching and learning resource which offers engaging and interactive resources such as integrated eBook, videos, step-by-steps, images, activities and games, all aligned to the content of the textbook for a fully integrated learning